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CHARACTER: 28th of Arhat, Sharak Sanzo
CANON: Saiyuki
GOD: Aditi
POWER: Walking on air- if she can imagine a surface, she can stand on it, and she can walk up to a great height. With practice, she'll be able to extend this power to other people that she's touching.
Kainé ([personal profile] shadepossessed) Hanaki 花.
Genjo Sanzo ([personal profile] killsthebuddha) Soki 遡.
Cho Hakkai ([personal profile] reformedsinner) Choki 豬.
Celty Sturluson ([personal profile] lookingforhead) Kishyuki 騎手.
Sha Gojyo ([personal profile] erogappa) Shaki 紗.
Neji Hyuuga ([personal profile] tuishou) Shuki 秀.

Atop a tall, sparsely vegetated hill sits the temple of Aditi. Made from white stone, the building focuses on one large, central room in the shape of a circle. The room doesn't have much in the way of furniture, instead there is a pile of cushions and rugs in the middle to relax on. The room lacks a ceiling and at night offers an unbeatable view of the stars. Smaller rooms attach to this central room, a modest amount of bedrooms and other necessities. Across the entire temple there isn't much in the way of walls between the pillars. Instead heavy curtains and richly decorated tapestries offer some privacy, though the goal seems to be to keep the inhabitants open to the heavens. The few walls there are have intricate paintings of Aditi and her children.

Outside there's a rather ferocious looking rooster and a brood of hens. There's a chicken coop by the bottom of the hill, but they seem to wander freely around the grounds. By the back of the building, there's an old water pump that dispenses holy water and is always flowing. The water fills a pond before running down the hill where it's worn a creek into the ground.

As of May 11th, there is an invisible barrier that starts a little way up the hill, surrounding the entire temple. Without an invitation from Aditi or one of her shinki, no one will be able to get past it. Except for the chickens.

General notes on Aditi for my own reference can go here )
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CHARACTER NAME: 28th of Arhat, Sharak Sanzo


Visual: Here she is. 175 cm. Long, dark hair with her bangs cut in a really weird way. Purple GREEN??? eyes and a red dot on her forehead. She has scars on her arms and cheeks and the way they're drawn changes but most of the time they look like burns so let's go with that for now. She's very muscular. Typically dressed in traditional Sanzo garb, but she only wears the robe over one arm, doesn't bother with the breastplate. She also wears a few bits of jewelry made of small stones and straw sandals. The Kouten sutra is wrapped over her sleeved shoulder and tucked into her waistband. Also, for some reason, she has an animal tail attached to the back of her robe. Looks kind of like a wolf tail.
Aural: She speaks clearly and distinctly, the result of years of giving sermons. Depending on her mood, her voice is either calm and rhythmic or something you'd expect from a yakuza boss.
Demeanor: She stands tall and confident and can be pretty imposing. There's a wild quality to her. She kind of has a case of resting bitch face and looks either apathetic or annoyed most of the time, whatever her actual mood. But her smile is a warm one when she shows it.


Backtagging: Yes
Threadhopping: Yes, on public network threads. In logs maybe ask first.
Fourthwalling: Journey to the West fourthwalling is fine, though Sharak is a little less obvious than the boys there.
Offensive subjects (elaborate):


Hugging this character: Yes, can't promise it will go well.
Kissing this character: Yes, can't promise it will go well.
Flirting with this character: Yes, can't promise it will go well.
Fighting with this character: Yes, but she can kick ass in her own right so plot with me.
Injuring this character (include limits and severity): Yes. Nothing fatal, I'm open to her being roughed up and badly hurt.
Killing this character: No.
Using telepathy/mind reading abilities on this character: Yes, just give me a heads up.

Warnings: Sharak comes from a canon of violence, cannibalism, murder and worse so references to stuff may come up. Though, so far, just the violence has been relevant to her.


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